Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Brand New 100% Free Asian Dating Site!

Looking for a 100% Free Asian dating site?
Well I've bitten the bullet and built my own dating site. These things are easy when you're a software developer and database programmer.

The site I've created is Asian Love Connections. Check it out!

Of course the site is new and doesn't have many members yet, but they'll come. In the meantime you can create your profile today and be assured of a lot of interest as more members sign up.

Members who sign up now get to take advantage of totally free dating without having to pay the huge fees that other sites charge.

To give you some examples, a year's membership of Chinese Love Links cost me £99 (around $165). And on Chnlove I spent something like $400 in just a few weeks!

So join me today on Asian Love Connections, where online Asian dating won't cost you a cent!

And because I've created this site for YOU, I'm happy to incorporate any changes you think would make the site the coolest Asian chat site online.

Happy and successful Asian dating!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Vietnamese Dating - Alternative to Thai or Filipina Dating?

Increasing numbers of men are now looking at the option of finding a mail order bride from Vietnam. If I was starting my search for an Asian wife now, I think I would consider Vietnam my #1 choice.
Vietnam is generally less well developed than other Asian countries (particularly Thailand). So the ladies have a reputation for being much less Westernised than Thai women. Chinese men think this is a good thing, and large numbers of them are heading over the border in search of wives.

Vietnam is still a developing country. But the Vietnamese economy is one of the fastest growing in the world. It's possible to find plenty of English speaking women with good office lady type jobs online. Increasing numbers of ladies have access to a computer at home or at work. This means that you can chat directly to them online instead of having to use a rather dubious mail order bride marriage agency.

So where do you find nice marriage minded Vietnamese girls? One site worth looking at is Vietnam Cupid. This is a site specifically aimed at the Vietnamese dating market. Of course it's main use is for Western men to meet beautiful Vietnamese girls for romance and marriage.

Finding Sexy Pilipinas on Pilipina Heart

When men decide to look for an Asian wife they normally head to Thailand, or increasingly to China.

But many men have good things to say about their Pilipina wives. Pilipinas are largely god fearing Christians, so they tend to take marriage a lot more seriously than Thai or Chinese ladies do. When divorce is difficult or frowned upon like it is in the Philippines then marriage isn't entered into lightly.

If you like the idea of finding a Pilipina wife then one of the best dating sites to visit is Pilipina Heart. This site has tens of thousands of sexy Pilipinas looking for husbands online. Sign up for free membership and you'll be awash with contacts from lovely looking Pilipina ladies. Sign up for Gold or Platinum membership and you'll be awash with Pilipinas.

Pilipina Heart has a fixed rate membership fee, so you won't get ripped off like you will with those Asian dating sites where you have to pay each time you contact a lady through the site. Many of the Pilipinas on the site can write really good English, so it's dead easy to chat with them.

Here's a more in-depth look at Pilipina Heart and how it's a great place to find Pilipinas for romance, love and marriage.

Are There Korean Dating Sites?

If you want to look for a Korean wife then there are two places to look:
Korean Cupid is a Korean dating site. You'll find plenty of Korean men and women on this site. There are plenty of Korean ladies who are interested in dating Western men. It may not be that easy to find a Korean wife though. There is no shortage of men in Korea, so Korean ladies have a lot of very eligible men to choose from! Korean ladies are reckoned to be the best Asian ladies to marry, so they have no shortage of suitors. Korean culture is also a lot different to Western culture. If you want to have some success dating a Korean girl then you'll need to understand her culture. Women are mysterious creatures at time, and so by wanting to date a Korean woman you're really making things hard for yourself.

Many countries like the USA, Canada, Japan and the UK have significant Korean communities, so it may be good to date a Korean from these communities. You might find Koreans in your local area by signing up to Asian singles sites that are more focussed on dating in your own country, rather than the international dating sites.

Finally check out Japanese Cupid - there are many Korean ladies in Japan. They can sometimes find it hard to find Japanese husbands since they're not considered fully Japanese.

How to Find Love Overseas

Global air travel and the rise of the Internet mean that it's never been easier to find love overseas. For many years, British and American men were well known for going to Thailand in search of exotically beautiful Asian mail order brides. But now everyone's at it. British women are marrying American men, Australian men are marrying Indonesian women and so on.

If you like the idea of international dating but haven't quite decided on what country you want to find a partner from, then it's worth looking at a dating site with an international flair. One such site is International Cupid. This site isn't exclusively for men seeking mail order brides, so Western women won't feel intimidated signing up for this site.

The site offers totally free membership. Like many dating sites you only really need to pay in order to contact members on the site. The membership fee is very reasonable, and there is a good discount if you sign up for an annual membership.

On the downside, international dating scams are commonplace. It's essential to be on your guard whichever dating site you choose to use. Be wary of members without photos, or who email you and profess their undying love for you in their first email. Also be on the lookout for the many African dating site scammers who can be found on most dating sites these days.

But don't let horror stories about scams put you off searching for love overseas.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

New Website About Hot Asian Women!

This blog is called Searching for an Asian Wife. Well I haven't yet found an Asian wife, although my current Asian girlfriend certainly looks like good wife material.

Anyway, I can see now why so many guys "never go back" after dating Asian women.

My current Chinese girlfriend is younger than me, has a smoking hot body and is great company.

Wow, Asian women are terrific, and I want to get this message across to more guys!

So here's my new website:
Here's all you ever needed to know about dating Asian women. I don't run a dating site, so I won't try to get you to sign up to one. I'll tell you how to date Asian women, which country has the best women for you, and which dating sites are the best places to chat to lovely oriental beauties.

Every page also allows you to leave comments and suggestions so that we can work together to make the most of the opportunities to meet and date beautiful Asian girls.


Friday, 23 December 2011

PureFilipina - Philippines Chat Site

So I found a Filipina dating site I'd not seen before, so I decided to register and see if was any good.

The site is called PureFilipina. It's just one of the many Filipina dating sites out there. Registration took a couple of minutes. Then I found out I could chat to the Filipinas who were online while I was.

There didn't seem to be as many members on this site as there are on Filipino Cupid or Cherry Blossoms.

One good thing is that the site is pretty cheap. It's a lot cheaper than Filipino Cupid or Filipina Kisses. Obviously it's not as cheap as DateInAsia (which is free!), but I'm not a big fan of the free sites.

So is PureFilipina worth signing up to, or are better sites available?